BT 4.5 CFA


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DEC Bt 4.5 CFA is a compact and powerful rig capable to drill 11,7m of CFA for a maximum diameter of 600mm. This rig can be supported with both kit, piling and CFA. The BT 4.5 CFA is mounted on the Eurocomach ESP 100, specifically developed for piling rig producers.

Technical Data

Base Machine

TypeEurocomach ESP100

EngineYanmar 4TNV98

Engine Power73HP - 53,7kW

Fuel Tank105 l

Hydraulic Tank90 l

  • Drilling Performance

    Diameter600 mm

    Max Depth11700 mm

  • Rotary Head

    Nominal Torque4800 kgm

    Drilling Speed20 RPM

    Spin off Speed60 RPM

    Rotary Stroke9000 mm

  • Transport

    Width2320 mm

    Lenght6800 mm

    Height2870 mm

    Weight14000 kg

  • Winches

    Main Winch line pull5000 kg

    Aux Winch line pull1500 kg

    Extraction Force240 bar

  • Hydraulic System

    Main Pumps185 l

    Secondary Pumps20 l

    Working Pressure240 bar

  • Winch Pull Down - optional

    Pull Down Force1500 kgm