BT 2.5 Telescopic


DEC - Drilling Equipment Construction - Made in Italy

DEC BT 2.5 Telescopic is our smallest piling rig. Mounted on a 6 ton excavator, of various brand depending of your area after sales coverage. It can drill until 16m for a diameter of 800mm, it is extremely compact and reliable. The BT 2.5 is supported with a telescopic mast, with the purpose to access to very limited height job sites.

Base Machine

TypeEurocomach ES60

EngineKubota V2607

Engine Power46HP - 34kW

Fuel Tank70 lt

Hydraulic Tank65 lt

  • Drilling Performance

    Diameter800 mm

    Max Depth16 m

  • Crowd System

    Pull Down Force8000 kgm

    Extraction Force15000 kgm

    Rotary Stroke700 mm

  • Rotary Head

    Nominal Torque2500 kgm

    Drilling Speed24 RPM

    Spin off Speed60 RPM

  • Transport

    Width1960 mm

    Lenght3715 mm

    Height2447 mm

    Weight approx9000 kg

  • Mast

    Inclination Angle dx/sx3 deg

    Mast Vertical Stroke1200 mm

  • Winches

    Main Winch line pull3500 kgm

    Aux Winch line pull1000 kgm

  • Hydraulic System

    Main Pumps140 lt/min

    Secondary Pumps17 lt/min

    Working Pressure260 bar

  • Kelly Bar OptionsØ 355 mm

    Kelly Bar Elements Lenght Depth
    Option 1 6 2800 mm 16 m

    Other kelly bars available on request