Rentals Soilmec SR45 self-erecting crawler drill rig for LDP

The SR45 is the latest technological jewel from Soilmec. The Soilmec SR45 is the largest self-erecting drilling machine in circulation, with an operating weight of 45 tons, it is very fast in moving and in 20 minutes it is at work.

With a rotary torque of 185 kNm and a TIER 4 Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine with 269 HP at 2000 rpm, it can tackle any challenge on the job site.
It can make large diameter piles up to 3000mm maximum for a maximum depth of 65.5m. It can also make CFA at a depth of 24 meters and 1000mm in diameter. It has enough strength to make large casing driven piles. Our SR 45 features a pull down cylinder with a 207kN and a main winch with a 165kN extraction force.

Our Soilmec SR45 is equipped with an interlocking kelly bar 5×13.5 with square drive 200×200, and we have the reduction to work with tools with square drive 130×130.

The Soilmec SR45 is equipped with the DMS technology, Drilling Management System, with a 12 ”touch screen in the cabin and which gives the possibility to follow the machining of the machine in real time from your office. Furthermore, the DMS allows Soilmec to carry out diagnoses even remotely and therefore facilitates repairs.

We offer our Soilmec SR45 for short or long term rentals. We provide availability for construction sites throughout Italy and Europe.
The advantages of renting our Soilmec SR45 are innumerable. You pay for it when you use it, we will take care of the maintenance, in case of breakdown we intervene within 24 hours, you are sure you have a machine in excellent condition that guarantees production without unwanted interruptions.

Rentals Soilmec SR45 self-erecting crawler drill rig for LDP


Max depth: 60 m

Max diameter: 3000 mm

Operating weight: 45 ton

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