Rental MAIT HR45 special foundation equipment developed on MAIT’s machine base

We add to our rental fleet a flagship of the 20ton pile drilling rigs, the MAIT HR45.
Undoubtedly the MAIT HR45 is the leader of its segment.
The MAIT HR45 is mounted on a MAIT base, which offers enormous advantages especially in terms of performance. The cabin is spacious, comfortable and ensures an excellent working environment for the operator, equipped with all the digital instrumentation at the service of the operator.
The MAIT HR45 is the perfect drilling rig for piles from 400mm to 1000mm and a maximum depth of 26m, with a 6-element interlocking kelly bar. Compact, agile and with a low weight of 20 tons, it is particularly easy to move between job sites and adapts to operate in the tightest and most reduced places, guaranteeing high performance. It is possible to quickly install the CFA kit that allows you to work with a diameter of 400-600mm up to a depth of 18m.
The MAIT HR45 is equipped with a rotation head with two motors that guarantees a nominal torque of 45kN, and by two winches of 70kN and 25kN respectively.
Our MAIT HR45 is equipped with 4.0 technology that ensures the maximum in terms of connectivity, accessibility and safety
We are sure that this new addition to our rental fleet will make many of you happy.

Why rent the MAIT HR45 compact machine for special MAIT foundations?

The advantages of renting our MAIT HR45 piling machine for special foundations based on MAIT are innumerable. You pay it when you use it, we will take care of the maintenance, in case of breakdown we intervene in 24 hours, you are sure you have a machine in excellent condition that guarantees production without unwanted interruptions.

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MAIT HR45 rental compact machine for special foundations on MAIT turret


Maximum depth: 26m

Maximum diameter: 1000mm

Operating weight: 20 ton

Square attack: 100 x 100

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