Performed Job

In this section we propose a part of the job sites in which we have had the honor of participating by renting our equipment.
We are glad to join the construction sites with you and to make a small contribution to completing them.

In addition to drilling rig rentals, we offer constant support in finding solutions and ensuring the correct functioning of the rented rigs.

The construction sites are all located in Italy, using the MAIT HR30, MAIT HR45 and the Soilmec SR30

We are available to provide our rental services all over Europe

MAIT HR30 Midi Drill

Quick work 18 piles with a diameter of 600mm for a depth of 8m in the ancient historic center of Torrice, in the province of Frosinone. For the consolidation of the municipal boundary wall. Rental duration 1 week.

Soilmec SR30

The job site is located in the center of Rome. Realised 3 floors of basement parking. The Soilmec SR30 drilling machine makes lightening holes to facilitate the work of the diaphragm machines. Rental duration 3 months.

MAIT HR30 Midi Drill

Work to make hydrogeological risk safe in the municipal area of ​​San Pietro in Guarano, Cosenza. Consolidation with 105 piles a diameter of 600mm with a maximum depth of 12m. Rental duration 2 months.

MAIT HR30 Midi Drill

Cava dei Tirreni, Salerno, 22 piles 10m with a diameter of 500mm, ramp expansion consolidation for construction site access. Rental duration 1 week.

MAIT HR30 Midi Drill

Consolidation of the sewer system in the center of the municipality of Nocera Inferiore, Salerno. 470 piles with a diameter of 400 mm with a depth of 11m, rental duration 2 months.

MAIT HR30 Midi Drill

Palma Campania, Napoli. 100 piles, 12m depth with a diameter of 500mm, consolidation for the construction of an industrial warehouse. Rental duration 1 month.